Aiden Jarrells is in the middle of a paradigm shift.

After moving his home base from his native Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, he finds himself immersed in the culture and lifestyle that revolve around his best friend and confidant, Jakub Riser. Soon to be discovered, Aiden has different and useful talents of his own, and it doesn't hurt that his new love is the one training his best friend in the first place.

Jakub has his own lessons, helping the late Curtis Echols provide his elderly widow with hidden but critical slush funds, and working through the aftermath of a hurting young man that took an early exit from life, both leaving marks and scars of their own. Events present themselves without rhyme or reason, and the pair are quickly learning that they are men with feet in two different worlds. The more they learn, the smaller they feel, and life itself changes in a moment.

The beautiful brunette woman that now randomly appears at the foot of Jakub's bed doesn't help matters either. But why is she so familiar?

There are things a mentor cannot teach, no matter how accomplished she may be, and for Jakub, the lessons of success and failure, gain and loss, love and when it cools... All must be learned the hard way, the most important lesson is yet to come:

All life is a constant flow, even when it appears to stop.

Official Playlist for the Jakub Riser novel Flow

Available Spring 2020