Sion Jones always wanted to be a writer.

Actually, that's a lie. He wanted to be an astronaut, but he sucked at math and was afraid of heights. Which doesn't explain how his adult career revolved around jumping from planes and working with technology.

Even with those lifelong fits of irony, Sion has managed to become included in collegiate curriculum for his poetry, while blissfully remaining neither best-selling, nor major award-winning. But he doesn't care.

Now he writes magical realism fiction novels, satirical essayist non-fiction, as well as a few other topics that keep his editorial staff thinking they are baptizing a cat.

Because on one bright shiny day, Kurt Vonnegut told him to write and not to stop writing, and like Forrest Gump's jogging adventures, that's what he's doing.

It just took almost fifteen years for him to get started.